Why people are still insufficient and away from nutrients? The question answers itself the insufficiency of awareness rather than the financial issue. Even after India became the wonderland for other countries as a key paradise of opportunity and the GDP earns per trillions still the children’s and youth of the nation were victim of stunting and wasting types of malnutrition. According to recent data of world health organization the ratio of world malnutrition is declined from 40% to 23%. It is so soothing to having the declining but India is still in red mark. Anganvadi is a government organization which is responsible for midday meals for children’s according to rural India programs. They usually appoints staffs for conducting the activities in rural development. After all efforts results still declines. In the year of 2010 there a survey conducted by government in Chandigarh region. The results are shocking, the trouble was not in skims of Anganvadi it lies in people who are regulating the organization. Heavily shortage of employees, lack of responsibility regarding the job by available employs and key reason for it was low wages.

The lack of awareness creates negative blunder in public regarding the government skims. It was not the total. Partially parents are responsible for their children’s ill health. Parents were illiterate regarding science of foods and the impact of it on their children’s health. At the other hand Anganvadi staffs were not providing food chats and information’s to literate parents regarding nutritious foods. So we pull up our socks. As a leading nutritional supplement manufacturer it is our prime responsibility to help society and grow literacy of food science, let’s nullify it.

Protein deficiency and impact on human body:

  • Ø From the beginning of life science protein acted a prime role to nourish life for prolong sustainability. The key role involved as building hormones, improvise enzymes, skin, hair, body tissues.
  • Ø When we talk about the opposite the protein deficiency can cause kwashiorkor. The devil which is responsible for shortage of our lifespan. There are few disorders which are an indication for protein deficiency:
  • Edema
  • Fatty liver
  • Muscle mass lose
  • Low bone strength
  • Slow clotting system
  • Low immunity
  • Greater appetite
  1. Edema: it is a type of swelling happened in muscle caused by leakage of blood vessel and spread through the tissue surrounding. It happens usually when the blood lacks albumin. The albumin helps in maintaining oncotic pressure in blood vessel.
  2. Fatty liver: the symptom happened when the liver cell accumulates fat on surface of it. Mostly alcoholic and obeys people were the victim for it. The protein deficiency increased because of decay of lipoprotein. The lipoproteins are the fat transporting proteins. Due to shortage of it the proteins are accumulates on liver cell and it results organ blockage. The situation creates sever protein deficiency which impacts on skin, hair and nail. Skin injuries repairing are delayed, hair fall and hair thinning are the reason for baldness. Nails can be easily brittle. Skins are became flaky.  
  3. Muscle mass loss: it happens mostly to aged people. They started losing muscle. Having proper balance of protein helps in muscle mass strength even after aged.
  4. Low bone strength: there is protein called collegian which is responsible for bone strength and the structure of it. Low level of collegian grow the risk of bone fracture and reduces the bone strength. When our skeletal system grow weak it impact on our body strength to mention daily normal activities.
  5. Slow clotting system: protein deficiency might slower the ability of blood clotting, which is a great danger to cure the bruises and wounds.
  6. Low immunity: lack of proteins is a great reason for low immunity and our body will be in danger zone to be contaminate by diseases easily and easy exposure to diseases provide a prolong discomfort to the person.
  7. Greater appetite: it is a common protein deficiency symptom seen in many people and the sad thing is the ratio is growing. In this case protein absorption ratio is decline so as the appetite ratio is growing humongous and person may suffer obesity. In recent world data the obesity ratio is growing and in every five person three are suffering from obesity.     


  • Ø Nutrition is a process where the organisms are ingest, digest, absorb, transport and utilizes dispose of their end products. There are several nutrients as protein carbohydrate, fats, vitamins, minerals, water tuck vital responsibility to cure difficulties of human body.
  • Ø Nutritional status are necessary for determine good health. Imbalance of nutritional statement in a suitable human body called malnutrition. It is two type:
  1. Over nutrition
  2. Under nutrition
  • Ø To prevent malnutrition balanced diet is necessary and to maintain a balance diet it is necessary to know age, gender and physical ability of the person.
  • Ø Food is necessary for the activity of psychological functions, sociocultural functions and physical functions. For that a balance diet of carbohydrate 60-70%, protein 10-12%, fat 20-25% are required. Apart of it vitamins, minerals and non-nutritive like dietary fibers, antioxidants, phytochemicals are necessary.
  • Ø There are four common types of malnutrition symptoms available as wasting, stunting, underweight and deficiency in vitamins and minerals. The saddest part is in all around world about three million children’s are died in malnutrition. Yet we are un-aware regarding the necessary and necessity of food science for a suitable body.


                     Prevention is better than cure and having awareness regarding the eating habits solves half of the discomfort our body not interested to inhabit and a solved long-lasting healthy life received in byproduct.

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