Unable To See Results? These are Five Frequent Weight Loss Methods that may Sabotage Your Progress.

Before I begin, I want to put it out that I believe a few things work differently for each of us. Even if a weight loss strategy is on this list, it doesn’t mean that that method isn’t capable of helping a certain portion of the masses. It is possible that some of you have observed positive changes in your health with the help of a few methods on this list. Still, with a significant percent of the population thriving on a diet at any given time, our weight issues continuing to surge, it appears that maybe a lot of us are practicing one or more of these things, with no positive results. Adapting your method doesn’t make you a “failure”, in fact, it makes you more resourceful and resilient.

We are no same people. All our bodies reply differently to different things. Our links with our bodies, food and workout are complex too. With that being said, I would proceed to the fact that some of the wildly popular methods of diet & exercise may be the underlying cause as to why a person isn’t registering progress, despite dieting, working out or both.

If you have implemented one or more of these things with no change in body composition or energy levels, weight or health, over the last 4 months or more, you can consider a change in strategy:

Keeping a count of calories or using an app that tracks your meals

Carrying around devices that track calorie expenditure, wearing fitness watches, pedometer, etc.

Measuring your weight daily or weekly

Engaging in physical exercising for more than 8 hours or 6 or more days a week

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