In an intention of searching of meaning our milestone was disturbed several time even distracted but never stopped searching the meaning. That’s how we BOLTIAN. We are inner champions and invincible, problem is just a chocolate to us with different flavors. Mark our words when we begin the journey started collecting brief information regarding protein products but when we walked into streets of market the true thons are already available there to puncture our ambitions.  Finally we found our self at narrow streets of confusion which was dark and no direction to go. Marketing mafias were laughing at us. They thought our silence was a symbol of failure, there they lacking. But BOLTIAN are lions, we took our steep back with a question why? Why it happen with us only? Are we not good to peoples? And that question gave us a meaning. We went to the morphology of everything. The reason we found make our eyes broad that’s how swindlers play their clever games from ages collect audience according to their selling strategies and always ready to take over new competitor’s with cost cutting games.

             But they forget we are BOLTIAN stay bold and never give up. Trend is a myth we are here to set our benchmark. So we walked against the flow which market elephants are been following traditionally. First thing we did was started research regarding the available products in market. Yes they are an appropriate protein products composed of different nutritional supplements and having attractive flavors. These products are good but having exclamation. They are not designing their products according to need of a body and there we tuck the advantage. We started researching about body structures and need of protein accordingly.1. Ectomorph: this category of body structure is normally having thin body line because they blessed with high metabolic rate and they should follow the daily diet about 25% protein, 55% carbohydrate and 20% fat.2. Endomorph: it is naturally heavier with a slower metabolism. So daily diet ratio should be 35% protein, 25% carbohydrate and 40% fat.3.Mesomorph: this category is for athletes and the daily diet are 30% protein, 40% carbs and 30% fat. Accordingly we start to give shape to our products and the quantity of protein too. We thought our problem was solved but in some place beneath our heart there is an itch. Again a silence tuck over periodically. To find remedy of our clumsiness we continued the market research.

          A product can be most attractive when it possesses insane energy and a suitable flavor. BOLT proven it wrong. First of all we provided the proteins in our products according to daily needs of a human body rather than focusing on insane energy and those who wants out of box performance in workout, we mentioned calories between 380-523 according to USFDA GUIDANCE. But our focus was on flavors. It was well understood that flavors helps in great market capture but to find unique flavor is not an easy task. Rather wasting time in uniqueness we solved a greatest trouble in common. The flavor ingredients which commonly used are sugary and when they added to whey protein it creates extra carbs. Result rather it reduce your body mass gives an extra punch to bailey and your body fat will be growing. We added no sugar flavors to the whey protein so it will help audience to reduce their body weight.

          During the journey of learning and action we have seen there are very few protein supplements available for women. That’s because the complicated and unique body design by god. In a women the protein absorption ratio will decay after 30. So our protein supplements are providing them a healthy daily protein as well as the whey protein. They are easy digestive and adverse free with leucine. Still it felt like our products are incomplete and there PHYCOCYANIN gave its hero entry. It is a blue green microalgae popularly known as spirulina. The best Nature of phycocyanin which attracted us BOLTIAN to love it is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties.

          After having phycocyanin we felt like invincible but the game was just started and as a people of BOLT we are well aware. Having a good product to solve people’s protein deficiency problem is not all, how to inhabiting it also important. We searched many protein shake making processes and they are clumsy and time taking. Then we followed the needs of fitness freaks and the extreme athletes. The answer was clear and transparent they need easy and instant protein shake which must be easier to drink before and after workout and they don’t need extra additives to form a solution of it. So our products are easily soluble in water and milk which are easily available and it tuck approximately 5 min to prepare a healthy shake. WE ARE BOLTIAN BOLD BUT NOT ARROGANT.     

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