Bolt Promise

Your goals are important to you, Let us help you achieve them.

We at Bolt Nutritions

We encourage elite athletes, fitness lovers, and everyone who is active to unite and get stronger and aims to provide the best nutritional supplements to get achieve your fitness goal. We at BOLT fueled your Junoon to optimize your performance to bring your best.

More Than Protein

It was essential for us to develop a premium protein supplement that you will truly look forward to consuming there for our R&D team has continuous work based on research, development, and innovation to bring revolution in the protein supplement market. At Bolt, we bring a new revolutionary protein with the ultimate power of phycocyanin which is more than protein. It significantly enhances your anaerobic and athletic performance and facilitates enhanced workouts and quicker muscle recovery.

Trusted By Athletes Backed By Science

BOLT Protein is made with the highest quality ingredients sourced from the premium USA exported. We help you to achieve your fitness goals with continued research and development and produce the most effective sports supplements on the market.

We are the first globally proven sports nutritional brand with the ultimate power of PHYCOCYANIN, an all-in-one source of nutrients. Bolt Nutrition has been known as the brand of choice for professional athletes and gym enthusiasts.

Quality Is Our Top Priority

The quality of our products comes from high-quality ingredients and strict quality controls in our certified manufacturing facilities.


Our products are created with premium raw materials and using it undergo different tests to ensure their quality.


Our Proteins supplement undergoes rigorous testing and multiple quality checks before it reaches you. In order to give you the best supplement to fulfill your fitness goal.


Our Proteins products are produced in a state-of-the-art facility. The manufacturing site is GMP certified and utilizes the latest measuring, blending, conveyance, and packaging technologies.