Body weight training is also called callisthenics. The advantage of this exercise is that it targets large muscle groups while requiring little equipment. Running, push-ups, chin-ups, and lunges are a few callisthenics. Bodyweight strength training can increase strength and muscle mass, but without Protein supplements, the preparation will be incomplete.

Bodyweight training is pretty helpful for beginners and for those who prefer to do exercise at home. It is two types:

1.     Upper body exercise

2.      Lower body exercise.

            The reason behind the exercise is that it uses your own body weight against your own strength as natural equipment to build stamina and strength in the body. There is plenty of bodyweight training available such as squats, reverse lungs, lateral leg raises, marching glute bridge, Spiderman mountain climbers, skater hops, etc. 

How to build muscles at home 

1. Push-ups:

It is the most efficient body weight exercise that can be done to build strength in the chest and triceps. It helps in the workout of the shoulders, core muscles, and lower back. In a sleeping position, place your face down and both hands on the floor, placing them slightly wider than the shoulder position. Lift your arms, torso and shoulder and do a perfect pushup position. The hands will touch the ground and the body weight will trigger on it. Slowly lower your body in order to make close contact between the chest and the surface of the floor.

2.  Burpee:

It is an intense weight-training exercise. Chest, arms, legs, back and glute are benefitted by burpee. From a standing position, lower your body in the direction of gravity and make sure both your hands touch the ground and jump to a plank position. Do a push-up, then next you should go to the plank position and drag the legs back into a squat and jump by making your hands up to the sky.

3.  Pull-up:

Pull-ups are a very good muscle building exercise that can be done at home. It works on the shoulder, upper back, and biceps. Grab the pull-up bar with an overhead grip, wrapping your thumbs around the bar. Begin by hanging from the bar. Do use the muscles of your upper body and core, then squeeze the bar. Pull up until your chin clears the bar. Then lower yourself to a relaxed position.

4. Triceps deep:

It is a very good muscle building exercise without equipment. Build muscle at home with the help of a chair, box, ledge, bench, or staircase to do triceps dips. In this method, grab the edge of the chair with hands on both sides of the hip. Lift up and out into a floating position beyond the chair edge. Extend your legs into a straight position. Position your elbows parallel to your shoulders. Do raise the hands back and make it in straight position.

5. Crunches:

It is a very good muscle building exercise that you can do at home that triggers the abs and core. It is a very effective workout tool that works effectively on apps. Lay on your back with your feet firmly planted and your knees bent. Support your neck with your hands. Raise the shoulder off the ground and hold the position for a second, then lower your body slowly back down. Immediately bounce back up, keep your eyes on the sky, and make your movement slow and deliberate.

6. Mountain climbers:

The exercise is exactly what it sounds like. In this case, the person acts as if he is climbing a mountain. The exercise triggers the core, back, arms, and legs. The best part of it is that you can perform the exercise from any place in your house or garden. without any gym equipment, only using the body's weight. There is a slight problem; it might cause pain in the wrist. For that, elevate your upper body by placing your hands on a step to reduce the weight being placed on your arms.

7. Plank:

Planking tones your abs and builds strength in your upper body. Additionally, it helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles and the lower back. The plank pose can be hard on your wrists, which is why we suggest doing it on your forearm. Place your knees on the floor as you plank to reduce the weight resting on your forearms.



            To build muscle at home, bodyweight training is the best exercise for building muscle without equipment. This exercise method is effective for developing a habit. We can exercise at home, in the garden, or in other places we like with flexible time.

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