About Evis Healthcare: 

Evis Healthcare develops and distributes & markets nutritional supplements for the sports nutrition market. It develops dietary supplements, sports supplements & Medtech solutions. Our goal is to improve healthcare, fitness access, and outcomes for fitness enthusiasts worldwide. 



BOLT is the world’s first nutritional brand that comes with superfood ingredients of imaginative and prescient PHYCOCYANIN because micro blue and green particulate matter facilitates clean workout routines that make specific wonderful results.

We are a community of people with a passion for fitness and nutrition. We believe it’s not just about the numbers on a scale or the number of steps you take each day—it’s about how you feel, what you look like, and how you live your life.

As Individuals with significant experience in the domains of healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Nutraceuticals, We as a team BOLT, have combined our expertise to bring you revolutionary protein powder blends in the nutritional supplement segment. Establishes strict standards for nutritional supplement labeling, ingredient safety, and product potency, while remaining on the cutting edge of nutrition research. BOLT's rigorous approach to quality control is key to its success in every aspect of its business, from scientific research to the development of new products to manufacturing and packaging.

When it comes to keeping in shape and staying healthy, BOLT offers a comprehensive range of products to meet all needs, inside and out. A brand that is trusted by thousands of people does not come by easily. We are committed to bringing you only the highest quality products as part of our commitment to excellence.


In order to produce the highest quality supplements, bolt supplements use the highest quality ingredients. During our continuous research, development, patenting, and a production process we strive to develop and manufacture the safest, most effective sports supplements to help you reach your fitness goal.


Our mission is to be the preferred and trusted consumer's favorite nutritional supplement brand with research-orientated products and innovative concepts. 

Our goal isn't just to build muscle. we are committed to delivering not just protein beyond this to achieve your fitness goal.