By keeping fit during the festive season we will keep up with our goals and set our fitness parameters according to welcome the New Year. There is a one-way solution for this. Christmas Challenge.

Christmas is a holistic celebration with foods and family. Christmas is festival of love, light and laughter. Expressing gratitude through gifts and chocolate brings you sweetness for some days but later brings a rift in your health.  Apart from it Christmas shopping and preparation for it keep us busy and with it, we forget our daily health routine of eating and exercise.


Keep training:


It is really important that we visiting the gym daily and keep training and mention the consistency during the month of December. The shortage of time only creates pressure in our workout routine. If we are already practiced with pre-exercise routines then our muscle memory will be comfortable with the recent pressure, Meaningful growth needs persistency. According to research to improve the efficiency we must have to use pre workout medication like coffee. Due to intense workout our body may suffer from Post workout stress delayed onset muscle soreness. The best way to avoid the situation is we have to eat supplements which have proper balance of protein, fat and carbs. Sugar, L- arginine, magnesium citrate, zinc citrate, caffeine, vitamin-c etc.  


Train with a friend:


Christmas is especially a festival to spend time with friends and families. If we have a friend who wants to spend time with us at the gym then it’s the best present we ever have in our life. Yes, festivals are designed and dedicated to spend with family but spending time with dedicated gym friends at the gym doing exercise for one hour is a great Christmas gift. When we exercise alone there may be a chance of skipping but when we have friends who have good interest for fitness, they can’t let us escape from the path of fitness.   


 Eat and drink sensibly:


We don’t want to be scrooge here, we need to entertain ourselves with the music of the festival and enjoy what the Christmas menu has to offer. But we need to be aware that how much food and drinks we are eating actually. The moderate eating methods might be old fashion process to carry so we need to modify the food recipes. There are muffins, cakes, cookies, chocolates and a few delicious refreshing Protein shake that can be prepared by using whey protein powder. Which are piled with healthy ingredients of protein and a composition of Phycocyanin with it can make our Christmas blissful.




Enjoy the few fitness tips for the Christmas period and be sure to stay fit and celebrate the Christmas with family and friends.

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