When you train, a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine triggers a release of calcium in the muscle fibers, which causes the enzyme nitric oxide synthase to make nitric oxide from the amino acid arginine.

How does Nitric Oxide impact muscle growth?


The ally to control your blood pressure is nitric oxide. Partnering with the nerve cells in your body as neurotransmitters. Nitric Oxide functions from digestion, blood flow, memory and vision. Nitric Oxide intake can be made higher with the consumption of nitrate-rich vegetables or consuming nitric oxide supplements rich with L-arginine and L-citrulline. It benefits to enhance the production of nitric oxide in the body, Commonly known as the chemical formula ‘NO’ Nitric Oxide is a colourless gas also called the principal oxide of Nitrogen. 

There aren't any counselled amounts of gas or perhaps a counselled indefinite quantity of nitrate consumption. The human body has an enzyme named nitric oxide synthase (NOS). It produces Nitric Oxide using Amino acids and Arginine. Apart from the body’s production, one can also gain nitric oxide after conversion from nitrates present in the arugula, celery, carrots, and beetroots.

Use of Nitric Oxide in supplements:
Nitric Oxide benefits if the supplements are rich in L-arginine, Citrulline Malate and Beta Alaline boost the power and give energy like cups of expressos. This takes away most of the tiredness and brings instant energy. Intake of nitrates increases the blood flow to the sore muscles and brings instant relief to painful areas. Understanding the effects of these components the pre-workout supplements should include these ingredients. A variety of L-citrulline known as amino acid malate will increase gas production and reduces muscle soreness. This soreness is cited as delayed-onset muscle soreness and typically feels the strongest 24–72 hours once exercising.

Importance of good pre-workout supplements:

  1. The best pre-workout supplement boosts immunity and helps be energised for the workout. Most of the gym freaks in India either exercise early in the morning or after a long day at work. Hence being energised is a crucial task. 
  2. Better circulation suggests a stronger provide of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles as they're underneath the pump. this is often why several pre-workout supplements contain compounds that foster the assembly of nitric oxide. nitric oxide improves your vessel performance and dilates your blood vessels in order that your muscles will get what they have for growth and recovery.
  3. The best pre-workout supplements are those which enhance your metabolism and help you in quick fat loss. With a higher metabolism, you can see the visible change in yourself if exercising day following a routine.
  4. The biggest advantage of a pre-workout supplement is it lessens the down-time for the athletes.
  5. Muscle soreness comes hand in hand with workouts. A Pre-workout supplement is brought to build muscle not break it into pieces.


How to choose a pre-workout supplement?
Some pre-workouts target boosting energy and endurance whereas others square measure designed for bulking. many brands conjointly create all-rounders that provide you with a touch of everything that you just would like. Their square measure many choices, therefore opt for one that aligns together with your lifestyle, coaching goals, and dietary sensitivities. ensure that there aren't any junk fillers or additional sugar that you just don't would like.


Pre-workouts square measure in style as a result of they provide real edges. Adding a pre-workout supplement to your routine will create a large distinction throughout and when your sweat. If you wish for higher and faster gains and superior support for your body on your fitness journey, contemplate a pre-workout supplement.

Bolt Nutritions came up with an Advanced Pre-workout supercharged with Phycocyanin.
It includes 300 mg of caffeine which boosts focus and alertness for longer workout sessions. It includes Beta Alanine to attenuate fatigue in high-intensity exercises.
This pre-workout supplement includes L- Arginine- 1gm/10gm, Beta Alanine-1gm/10gm and Citrulline -2g/10gm quantity.
The use of this Pre-workout supplement:
1. One big spoon (around 10g) in 200ml water.

  1. The shake is ready in 15 -20 seconds with uniform mixing.
    3. Should be consumed 20-30 Mins before the workout.

The consistency of caffeine increases the production of nitric oxide and nitrates which leads to good blood flow and energy. This Advanced pre-workout enhances endurance, muscle pump and booster power which aims toward your objective of growth and a stronger lifestyle.

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