Inhabiting something more than need cause you harm. In clumsy and hectic fast forward life of human we never count the calories we are eating. There the doubt arrived with the question “is protein powder good for your health?” or “whey protein is reliable or not?” As consulter and a premium protein supplier we always receive such quarries from our faithful users. But as a responsible consulter we always having a particular question regarding is “are you well aware regarding the protein supplements you are using?” Let’s avail you the legit answer which we collected from years of research done on our products.

Whey protein:

  • The whey protein is a common name for the gym guy or fitness aware peoples and to consulter like us. Breaking the nature of salesmanship we always like to avail the best answers regarding the protein supplement’s we are providing. So it’s an attempt to navigate you to a perfect direction and conclusions may satisfy your questions.
  •   Whey protein is a very effective solution to satisfy a human muscle but sad thing is it was been underestimated from ages. Why? Because it’s a derivative of the milk extracts.
  •   Historically it was proven whey have a very keen relation with the growth of civilization. Back then during 330BC the milk excretions are used for medicinal purpose. Thanks to HIPPOCRETEIS. He cracked the true purpose of raw whey which was ignored by civilization.
  • Not only that it was proven in Roman Empire. There was a person named GALEN having great knowledge of medical science and he used these milk extracts as health tonic. Likewise there are many historic examples which proven the whey protein have a very healthy impacts on human body. That was not true, everything which existed in earth they having both good and adverse impacts.

Types of whey protein:

                    In generalize term whey is classified into two categories: 1. Raw whey protein

  1.        Processed whey protein
  2. Raw whey protein:

                      Raw whey are the true extracts of milk derivatives having the natural availability of whey as well as other things like natural fats and carbohydrates. There are no preservatives which may harm. They provide naturally occurring elements which never harm our body except casein. There are people who may have allergic reactions and casein is fully responsible for it. There are other disadvantages such as raw whey is not preserved in every climate.

  1. Processed whey protein:

                         At the beginning of seventeenth century health spa are opened at Switzerland and use of whey protein too. But they have a concern, preserving whey protein is difficult for them. After then they used cheese or butter but that was not permanent solution. The event tuck humanity further level and by help of hydrolysis powder form of whey are invented. That’s the best thing humanity achieved. After then to improvise the quality additives were added and many things are eliminated such as carbohydrates and fates to isolate the protein level in whey. With proceeding of industrialization mass production tuck place. Including amino spiking are done where excessive nutrients are added to attract customers and suitable flavors are added to make protein taste better and that brings our attention. Because of excessive or unnecessary adding of nutrients in whey protein powder our body reacts awful after inhabiting and adverse reactions are the result. From then the question arrived “is whey protein powder good for our health?”

Benefits of whey protein powder:

  • Whey proteins are easily digestive, and reduces calorie burning during digestion of protein.
  • Whey protein contains nine type of amino acids.
  • It contains high level of leucine which helps to avoid casein adverse effects.
  • Whey protein is helpful to moderate blood sugar level when inhabiting after eating high carbs food. It is very much of helpful for diabetes type2 disease.
  • It helps increasing the insulin level and to efficacy of it.
  • Eating 20gm per day of whey protein helps significantly reduces C-reactive proteins (CRP) which is responsible for inflammation.
  • Whey protein supplements are helpful effectively in treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases.
  • Whey protein powder enhances antioxidant level of the body.


                   Whey protein powder is a healthy and the oldest protein supplement which evolved with generation of humanity and about the question of efficacy we assure you whey is true for survival of lifecycle.

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