The debate is as older as the growth of human generation. In many occasion it has been seen that green foods are neglected as compare to non-veg foods. For further enlighten lets go to the beginning of civilization. People learned cultivation many years after the Stone Age, before that they do what a carnivorous does. Kill animals and eat them. The life evolve with one single word fire. Fire helped us to know the better quality of food and taste to eat it. Never mind but that was not enough, evolution need up-gradation. To upgrade the human life went through great turmoil. It was happened when we suffered food deficiency because climate changes but the suffering was a blessing. We noticed how plants are growing automatically on soil. From then we put our first step towards herbivorous lifestyle. From then to now we humans were invented many delicious food recipes by using both crops and meat. Still there is a question who is superior?

How food have vital relationship with human brain?

                 The narration begins from the sensory organs. We knew that mouth feels the taste of food but what we didn’t is mouth is not only responsible for one-sided love for delicious foods. It is nose who first attracts brain towards foods. When soothing smell of food first inhaled through nostrils it went to the nasal cavity and then hit to the olfactory epithelium. After that olfactory receptors collect the information’s and provide it to the olfactory tract. The olfactory tract then transmit the every texture of information to brain. The neuron system of brain then collect the information of smell and do matches with available information’s. Brain never resist deficiency of calories. When a body visualize the food and collect information through nose it conforms the taste and nutritious quality of food. Brain have only objective that to stay energetic. Remain all appearances are for attraction only which sensory organs do. After double check the information by brain mouth started to salivate. It is the first symbol our brain attracted towards food. When our mouth receives the food teeth crush it and saliva make it a complete mass which can easily went through esophagus.

                After arrived to stomach food is denature into protein by help of gastric fluids. Then enzymes working on it to hydrolyze peptide bonds and proteins are breakdown into different amino acids. There bloodstreams were helpful as a medium for the amino acids to rich out the liver. Liver does distribute amino acids. There are some set of foods which are responsible for maintaining serotonin level in brain are sweet potatoes, rolled oats, beans and quinoa which contains carbohydrates. Fish, beef, chicken, turkey, tofu, unsweetened yogurt and egg are the food which helps to release higher level of dopamine which increases our focus level and dose help in rapidity in neurological activities. Fruits and vegetables contains higher concentration of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which keep our brain happy and motivated. Omega-3 and omega-6 are the ingredients which helps to keep our nervous system healthy and are mostly extraction from sea foods. Folate, iron, fatty acids, vitamin A, vitaminB12, vitamin B6, vitamin C, zinc are the thing responsible for healthy mood.

Does vegan foods are responsible for depression?

             It is been concerted and suggested by many peoples that vegan foods are responsible for committing depression but truthfully it is a nonsense point of view. Food may be vegan or non-veg are not designed to depress a human. It is a basic job of food to provide nutritious supplement that may be synthetic or natural supplement. When our body switches to Mediterranean diet from carnivorous eating things instantly the flow of dopamine reduced. By that time our body is habituated with high dopamine which stopped at instant. Our nervous system suddenly slow down and brain fiend the false information that our body lacking nutrition’s but it is opposite. Our body still receives needed supplement except heavy flow of dopamine. Which an advantage given by carnivorous foods.


                       Vegan foods depressed twice as often as meat eaters because meat eaters having high dopamine ratio rather than vegan eaters but they both shares similar strength of nutrients which our body and brain needs.

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