• The relation of food with the life and the relation of nutrition with muscles always complete with a correlation, simple and divine. But with the improvement of civilization foods are processed and synthesized and produced with a mass direction. With flow of time and industrial development there are conflicts began between industrial processed foods and the homemade foods. But according to my opinion they both are siblings of one family. With involvement of time and complex matrix lifestyle processed nutritional are became first preference of human. Reason was clear easily available and easily adoptable. But the situation was opposite for homemade protein supplements. They are well nutrient and not easy to prepare because it need one human effort and not easy mass produced. So with time many delicious protein recipes prepared by our mothers were vanished with time and as a responsible BOLTEN we are giving our best effort to protect the other sibling. So with that humble request we are representing a nourishing homemade protein recipe.
  • We need 200gm rousted almond, 200gm rousted walnut, 200gm rousted peanut, then add 100gm watermelon seed and add 100gm each of flex seed, sunflower seed and pumpkin seed should use. Then add 50gm of chia seed and 50gm of sesame seed. Then add 100gm of fox nut and then add 100gm of tragacanth gum. Crush it until it forms a fine powder and then fry the multigrain aata with ghee. When a brown color texture appear stop cooking the aata and add the grinded seed powders one by one then add a slight of ghee and cardamom powder for flavor. Your delicious homemade protein powder is ready. Infect the recipe is applicable for fitness enthusiasts.



  • We have seen protein have a history of 5500 BC and it tuck more above 2500 years to use it as a medicinal supplement. Likewise we are proud to introduce a hero protein supplement which was and is truly prepared from native grains of India, THANDAI.
  • Thandai have 1000 year old Indian history with different story included. India is a country of mystic energy and plenty of gods and goddesses posses with different type of mystic energy and having secular interest in foods. We are talking about one of the god worshiped a lot. Lord SHIVS. He have a great taste for Thandai. In SHIVARATREE people used to drink Thandai in remembering of lord Shiva.
  • Apart of all the soothing native drink was globally introduced in the year of 1903. The word Thandai was come from the Indian word thanda which means cool. The interesting thing is thandai contains 384 calories which is probably equal to the factory prepared protein powder and uniqueness is in the taste of Thandai. Thanks to the natural taste of rose petals and cardamom
  • Thandai is the daily protein supplement of a native Indian wrestler. They used to drink Thandai before and after exercise.
  • After all this description regarding interesting concepts of Thandai let’s talk about recipe and preparation method of one of the oldest Indian protein shake:
  1. The key ingredients for Thandai masala are almonds, fennel seed, watermelon seeds, poppy seeds, saffron, milk, milk, sugar, pepper, cardamom and the hero ingredient rose petals. It is a best homemade vegan protein powder which is also part and partial of many festive seasons like hole, mahashiva ratree and many more.
  2. A one glass of Thandai contains proteins, omega3, vitamin, zinc. Drinking Thandai daily helps busting our memory and brain functions.
  3. In chilled milk add 3tbsp prepared Thandai masala and 2tbsp sugar then add blend rose petals and finally serve the drink with ice.           


  • The most interesting and a common choice of every common men in India SATTU. It is an ingredient which is commonly available, cost effective and having rich history. In short it accomplish every purpose to become hero ingredient. Yes during 1999 in kargil war Sattu was the only available supplement which helps Indian army stay motivated no matter to the adversity.
  • Sattu are powder form of roasted BENGAL GRAMS. No need to preserve and stable in any climate. The nature which make Sattu unique versatile protein supplement is it haven’t any expiry date.
  • Sattu is flexibly available and used by natives of Bihar and Odisha. But it is specially loved by native of Bihar. Answer is clear the Sattu cold drink is cost-effective, easily available, tummy and a best drink for summer season.
  • If we go for the brief history Sattu is not originated from Behar or from Odisha. It has a great history at Tibet. They called it TSAMPA. Especially the monks of Tibet while travelling they used to carry Sattu with them.
  • Sattu is not only a healthy drink, it also used to prepare yummy eatable things like SATTU PARATHA and the famous dish of Bihar LITTICHOKHA.
  • The reason which attract BOLTto add Sattu in our list of homemade protein supplement is the drink is easy to prepare and we can add flavors as need of us (salty, sugary, spicy). In 100gm of Sattu it contains 25gm of protein and high in fiber. So by inhabiting Sattu daily it helps in healthy metabolism, keep our digestive system healthy. Reduced hunger which is good for those people who wants to reduce weight but wanted to keep nutrient. Apart of all Sattu is good for got. 

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