By the late 19th century the concept of fitness was first introduced by Eugen Sandow. Father of Bodybuilding competition and the first person who realized that fitness was not for only sport but a recipe to live a healthy long-lasting life. There are many reasons which are responsible for the great history of fitness industry and above it fitness industry have acquired responsibility in development of many other industry’s like supplement and dietary industries. Today dietary industries are a billion dollar industry but it starts from a very small word keto diet. By the 1920s the word is introduced as a miracle for pro athletes and now a days it is helpful for working class people. Let’s define how Keto diet walked through that huge journey.

Keto diet:

  • Keto diet is derived from the word ketogenic diet or ketogenesis. If we describe the word ketogenesis, it is a derived form of fat burn.
  • The base process of Keto diet is it helps to burn the stored fat and produces ketogens to use it on behalf of carbs. In this diet the maximum amount of dietary supplement depend on the proteins and fat. Carbs are neglected or avoided.
  • When out body switch to low in carbs and high in protein the body burns faster to produce energy. Deposited fats are the fastest to burn and ketogens are produced by that. But there is a disadvantage, after fats been burned body need something to use on behalf and protein is the fuel for it. When protein is segregated by body it creates great impact on liver and in prolonged action it may harm to it.
  • Blood, urine or breathing is usually used for testing of Ketogens presence in body during dieting process. This dieting method is mostly used by athletes and sports person because it recommend high quantity of protein and fat based foods to eat. Apart of it peoples who suffers from obesity call it a blessing.
  • In Keto diet when the fat burns and produces ketones it went to the liver and then trigger to brain for being used as energy source on behalf of glucose.

Types of Keto diet:

  1. Standard ketogenic diet
  2. Cyclical Ketogenic diet
  3. Targeted Ketogenic diet

1.Standard ketogenic diet:

                It is otherwise called as the low carb diet. It includes high calories and low glucose eating methods. Mention a three times per day eating process with same eatables. No change in foods recipes. The chronic disadvantages are dehydration and fatigue.

2.Cyclical ketogenic diet:

                In this process rather attending particular recipe we should have to eat the calories cyclically for one or two days per week. This diet method is recommended by many athletes and a suitable diet method for them. Here the deficiency of carbs are minimal and it helps in improvement of muscles.

3.Targeted ketogenic diet:

              Eating carbs before workout can improve the performance and eating carbs after the workout can helps in recovery. So in this method the eating of carbs done when it is necessary to do. If you eat 50 grams of carbs before and after workout it is necessary to know that you should avoid eating carbs based foods further.

Foods to avoid:

                   Sugary foods, grains or starch, fruits, beans or legumes, root vegetables, low fat or diet products were must need to avoid. Alcohol consumption during keto diet is harmful for the body.

Foods to eat:

                 Meat, fatty fish, eggs, butter, cream, milk derivatives, healthy oil like olive oil should use in cooking of foods. Among fruits avocado is suitable to consume during keto diet. Apart of it low carb vegetables are good to eat during targeted ketogenic diet.

Keto flue:

               The symptoms of keto flue generally begins within the first or second day of removing the carbs from the diet. Approximately flue lasts for week or in between two or three days. The chronic symptoms of keto flue are achiness, headache, nausea, constipation. There are many remedies involved in as stay hydrated, replacing electrolytes, needs plenty of sleep.


               In many occasion keto diet is proven itself as the partial remedy for diseases like heart diseases, cancer, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, Parkinson diseases and few cases in brain injuries. Today fast and forward generation with unhealthy diet surrounded with bad cholesterol and obesity. For them who don’t like to prefer exercise they should use keto diet. It didn’t felt like low energetic and burns the fat usually like without putting any effort on treadmill.

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