When the word gym come to our mind a thought of attractive body line gave a whistle of vision and the attractive posters of body builders drag me to the gym. It’s already fifteen days I have spent in gym but I think it is time to stop. There is a concept if anyone wants to process a habit it tuck 21 days. What to do I’m guilty I can’t make it through. My mind is with the gym but my body doesn’t. Fever and weakness are the mafia who perished my ambition. From then after a month I moved my job from Prime Tech to BOLT as marketing manager. Here Concept are different. Yes there was a designation I have achieved through my job experience but here in BOLT my designation is available in documents only and privilege of it limited to my desk.  They prefer friendly colleague concept rather traditional employee hood culture.

               Suddenly from a closed and compacted environment I was opened to wander land. I was free to suggest my thoughts without any boundary and to act on it. Exception but my output was increased maximum. Another thing I have realized by that time was due to reduction of work pressure my body felt more alive and active. I started loving my job and involved more to it. As of my job I started to read and collect information regarding protein products BOLT introduced to market. It helped me a lot, finally I can understand where I mistaken. I went to gym by following false influences which In result failed, make me diseased. By following all information BOLT have provided it understood I am not an athlete just a regular office guy. My body was not habituated to strained exercise. I’m no hardcore athlete but by help of some unprofessional information I have inhabiting the amount of protein are excess for my body at that stage. Then I started digging deep. Collected many clinical information’s regarding the protein supplements BOLT used to sell. I was amused. My thought process regarding whey protein was totally changed. Now I can understand why I felt fishy even I used whey protein during workout. People have told whey protein was safer and a regular used safest supplement for gym training. No they are not, the concept of protein means whey was totally false and by using that marketing fundamental many supplement manufacturers were swindling us but those days are over. BOLT have known that complete awareness is the new day marketing skill and a long-lasting reference to keep audience attach to it. So let me share you a little of information regarding whey protein I have collected.

                 Whey protein are a commonly available protein supplements in milk or different derivatives of milk and a commonly available protein supplement for gym training. Neglecting the truth a large population have shared this half information from mouth to ears. Whey protein are an easy digestive and low calorie spoilage eating thing which not only helps to grow stamina but helps in sustainability through workout. But with these exclusive features there are flaws available too. Whey protein de-stabilize the gut bacteria. Some whey supplement have extra carbs in the form of sugar which increase body weight rather losing it. When we use whey protein daily without knowing the proper quantity it damage renal over the period of time. Too much use of whey protein may lead to cardiac arrest and can disturb heartbeat. Some people like me have low appetite so when we eating heavy amount of whey protein it causes digestive issues and sometime it is responsible for diarrhea. In result fatigue and weakness is the best answer. Once you move to a diet of low in carbs and high in protein your body burns faster to produce energy. When our body doesn’t have fats to burn, it uses protein for that equal reason. When our body uses protein as a substitute it give pressure to liver and in prolong action whey start harming our body.

        After all these data as a common man it is a common thing that I prohibit to use whey protein or other proteins but trust me if I do so it is not a good decision. Our body need protein anyway to stay active so I have a solution. Protein means WHEY ISOLATE. It gives you a prolong acting whey protein as well as BCAAs helps you for faster recovery. At the end the hero ingredient phycocyanin to reduce adverse effect of protein.

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