Fitness is just not a word a dream for the youth a necessary place of interest for elite athletes. A carrier which gave many athlete their bread and butter. After post covid19 there are several creative job opportunity are introduced and it attract flexible thought process people who wanted to switch their traditional jobs to a job which provide them an income as well as give them a path to justify their passion. In result people are working for their particular subject of interest and the productivity ratio was booming towards specialize work out come.

Among these creative job options fitness jobs are created their extra attention in people for as an employment prospective as well as grab a great audience to stay fit. A common reason which connected these professional fitness employees and the audience was the chaos and death, bad memories of them during pandemic. I’m one of these fitness professional who daily tries to convince my audience with maximum effort and knowledge I do possess. But recently a question gave me reason to stop and raise a question against my likeability towards my profession of gym trainer. What we should have to eat to stay energetic and interested towards exercise persistently?

That question suggest me many names of fruits guava, avocado, jackfruits, kiwi and many more. When an answer concluded with many more it means the true confusion arrived just now. Likewise my curiosity for a suitable answer voyage me towards river of those industry who are responsible for several protein supplement manufacturing for consumer. I think I gave you a wrong idea let me rectify it, at the beginning I have collected several information’s of several protein supplements regarding body mass gaining, whey proteins, herbal proteins and several many more which are a great suggestion for fitness training but the truth was different. Maximum protein supplement manufacturer have no idea how to suggest protein products regarding need of audience. They only know how to mention the inventory and using pretty caption words crook the minds of audience. At the end manipulated peoples are quitting their healthy habits to stay fit. But my thought process are changed while I mate BOLT and introduced to their unique products. They rather react according to market spent time in research. What an audience expect from their products? That tuck my eyes to the first product INSANE PRE-WORKOUT. It was basically an effervescent tablet compose of caffeine, alanine, citrulline, tyrosine. It is a very effective product base concept to enhance the focus and energy label during the pre-workout session by using Qzorb technology. The interesting thing is their X factor phycocyanin. Phycocyanin is a new concept to me but interesting. It is blue gray micro algae spirulina. It is anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory by nature and protects our liver from negative impacts of protein. Likely the ADVANCED PRE-WORKOUT.

Perhaps let me take you to the whey protein supplements. I possessed a great misconception that whey protein are safer as a fitness supplement but not. For increasing in sales many companies does amino spiking in whey but they are ignorant to the adverse impact may a consumer suffer. But WHEY ISOLATE, WHEY PROTEIN, BOZYME GOLD WHEY product of BOLT doesn’t do so. They uses high level of leucine to protect user from casein allergy. The MASS GAINER and WEIGHT GAINER is the product which drag my intentions because it is specifically designed for fitness freaks like me. They uses phycocyanin in every product of them to protect users from adverse effects of excessive protein intake. They provides 70 to 73 percent of carbs in their mass gaining products which is again legible for a gym boy. In short there are no limitations for what to eat to stay fit but if you want a smart way to stay nutrient BOLT have an idea to keep you persist to stay fit.

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