#Should we need to stay fit?

            It is a necessary question which only a beginner can ask. There are several reason one is sudden occurrence of stress to the body which is new and instant painful. That is the moment where quality of a person is determined. That person may quit or continue. Another reason responsible for quitting the habit to stay fit is lack of nutrient which suggests a low focus limit to our mind. As of my suggestion it is the perfect time to take your chance and decide your plans practically with BOLT.  We BOLT have decided to support the audiences who wanted to begin their fitness journey with a solution INSANE PRE-WORKOUT. These are the effervescent tablets which are easy and faster to dissolve in water and in no time the drink is ready for inhabit. It boosts your energy label as well as the caffeine helps you not to give up. With that intense focus and the X factor phycocyanin which keep you safe from adverse effects of protein and give it a direction to keep you nutrient.

# Benefits to do exercise in morning.

              Doing exercise is not one day thing to execute. It is a design of our small and benefitted habits which needs persistent improvement. Before discussing the need of morning exercise I like to talk about why we need to do exercise? Answer is simple the easy lifestyle and unhealthy food with excessive calories cause impact on out cardiovascular system, blood pressure, obesity and many more. Doing exercise at morning helps you to keep oxidize your tissues and your body will be energetic from the beginning of the day. There are several foods suggested banana, peanut butter, almond milk, yogurt were a meal for pre workout but eating all these at a time a trouble so we BOLT have designed  ADVANCED PRE-WORKOUT to provide you all ingredients in a single scoop. There are other healthy habits benefited for you if you promise to stay fit are your focus label will increase, it provides a healthy cardiovascular activity, it increases alertness, it make your mood better,   it provides you a perfect body shape, by regular exercise habit it balances the glucose label and blood pressure will be in control. The most benefited thing an exercise body will provide you stress-free sleep. The benefits of a healthy habit is limitless but to make a healthy habit is straining. Let’s discuss how to introduce our body to a healthy habit of exercise?

# Seated good morning exercise.

               Seated exercises are generally designed for old aged people or for a warm-up at the beginning of intense workout. But now a days fitness trainers are suggesting beginners to do seated workout as a pre-session advice so your body do not give-up at premature state of exercise. Yoga, several stretching exercise like chest stretch, upper body twist, hip marching, ankle stretch, arm raises, neck rotation, neck stretch etc.

# Dumbbell good morning exercise.

                   Intense workout peoples were mostly prefer dumbbell as a tool for exercise. Many are doing push-ups by using dumbbells, T push-up, floor press using dumbbells, high pulls, shoulder shrug, reverse grip bent over row. These exercise keep your body to a shape, raise your cardiac health, helps to grow your stamina and your muscle were gain suitable mass. To keep mention your stability we like to introduce two of our products MASS GAINER and WEIGHT GAINER. It provides you 70-73% of carbs which is tested and appropriate for intense workout. Calories about 380-523 which make you unstoppable and boost your cardiac rate. Last not the least Phycocyanin helps you to stay unharmed. We are BOLT never feared to be bruised. 

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