Mechanism of taste:

  • The question having a nature of criticism for its answer. Because there are no particular parameters to notify a magic ingredient for better taste of a protein supplement.
  • When we think about protein powder an imagination of white powder come to our mind and a bitter taste including. But the question is why is that? There is a simple scientific reason which ignored, the sensory system of human. Specially nose and tongue.
  • These are the two important organs of our body which give us differentiate between tastes which are sweet, sour, salty, savory, bitter.
  • Let’s first discuss about the responsibility of nose in taste of protein shake. Nose is the key organ which is responsible for the respiratory system. Equally helps in smelling different aromas. Approximately 40 millions of smells memory are stored in our brain and accordingly our brain creates images of those substances.
  • Let’s discuss how these mechanisms are working; when a nose smell something the aroma of flavor went through nostril’s to the nasal cavity then to olfactory epithelium. There are olfactory receptors are present which transmit to olfactory tract. Then olfactory tract submit the information’s to the brain and then brain distinguish the information’s and creates the image of the protein powder our nose smelled.
  • So now we are talking about the tongue. Tongue have a very efficient philosophy with taste and a crucial organ having plenty of sensory parts which not only help a human mouth to give appropriate test of foods also spread them uniformly so teeth can easily nullify its purpose.
  • Let’s discuss the mechanism of tongue; when a protein shake touches tongue the papillae helps taste bud to receive the information’s and  submit to nerve fibers and then the brain receive the information’s from nerve fibers and react according to the taste of protein shake. So it is totally upon the inhibiters place of interest.

How to make protein shake taste better?

Take a blender jar and add one tbsp unsaturated almond butter, then add few of banana, then put one tbsp coffee and one tbsp of chocolate flavor. Then add almond milk as per need and two scoop of vanilla flavor. At the end put few ice cubes and then blend it for one or two min. yummy protein shake is ready.

How to make protein shake with different method?

Mix the adequate quantity of protein by help of scoop with water sweeten it as you need and the flavor is totally your choice of interest and then shake it properly until the solution is uniformly viscous. Just have a look to avoid lumps and at the end add few ice cubes to make the shake cool and tasty. There are other methods available which are adding milk rather water can help in reaching the taste better or dry foods with fresh fruit can provide extra vitamin as well as improvise the taste of protein shake outstanding.

Vanilla a suitable protein shake flavor:

  • Vanilla is an expensive flavor. That’s because of the supply chain. Vanilla have the specific supply chain but high in demand all over the world.
  • Mostly the northeast region of Madagascar is responsible for fulfilling demand of vanilla all over the world. Apart of that Uganda, Indonesia and Mexico is also suitable for vanilla farming.
  • Due to political imbalance in those vanilla states, farmers suffers a lot and scarcity is the only result for it. Not only that vanilla farming and processing is hectic and need manpower. Due to less and expensive production and high demand vanilla is gating dream to afford.
  • Apart of all vanilla still having high in demand at food and supplements industries. Vanilla protein shake is in high demand among fitness enthusiasts. Because of its cream texture.

Chocolate flavor is the first choice for protein shake:

  • Chocolate was first derived from Mesoamericans. They used coco as their crucial commodity and many time it was currency to do barter for purchasing other facilities.
  • The Mesoamericans uses the coco juices as their festive drinks and by the year of 1519 Spain did discover the advantage of coco beans and responsible for global supply.
  • Apart of all chocolate is a great immunity booster and combination with protein shake provides never ending intention to drink it. Apart of all there are effervescent tablets are available which are great in test with chocolate and didn’t need to be blend.
  • Yes due to the unique taste and enriched anti-inflammatory characters in chocolate it became first choice of fitness freaks to drink with protein shake.

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